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Holland Waterproof

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Rondleiding Kinderdijk
Rondleiding Watersnoodmuseum
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Holland Waterproof

Group outing Bustour

This full-day sightseeing trip by bus for private groups takes you to Kinderdijk, the Watersnoodmuseum that commemorates the great flood of 1953, Schouwen, Duiveland and Zierikzee. We will start in Rotterdam. The guide will talk about how Rotterdam protects itself against water, and takes you to Kinderdijk, 15 km east of the city.

At the famed Kinderdijk windmills your guide will fill you in on everything you might want to know about the windmills themselves and how the Dutch have learnt to control water.

Watch an introductory video about Kinderdijk and follow the guide to take a tour of the unique 19 old windmills designed to drain water from the polders. They were built between 1738 and 1740, and the Kinderdijk complex is the largest collection of  old windmills in the Netherlands.

The tour moves on to the Ouwerkerk Watersnoodmuseum, a museum housed in the four caissons that were used to close the final part of the dyke in 1953. When you enter the museum, which is dedicated to the 1953 flood, it is like entering a time capsule stretching from that year to the present. It is also overflowing with information on water and water safety. Once the museum tour is completed it will be time to visit Zierikzee. If desired you can  join the coach tour: ' living with water'. This coach tour will take you through the countryside of Schouwen-Duiveland. The guide will introduce you to the interesting aspects of watermangement and  the battles against the water.

To expand the tour there are options:   

Living with Water coach tour

Folklore show

If you have organised your own transport but would still like the services of a guide, we can provide one for you.
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